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Understanding the Critical Role of Police Reports in New York Car Accident Claims: Insights from Bronx Attorneys Glenn and Robin Herman

Bronx car accident attorneys Glenn and Robin Herman emphasize the significance of filing a police report after a car accident. They outline five essential steps to properly report an accident:

Even after minor car accidents, some individuals are of the opinion that filing a police report is unnecessary. However, many fender benders result in severe neck and back injuries that can cause pain and disability. Some of these injuries, such as "whiplash," start as a simple muscle strain but ultimately require prolonged medical treatment and even surgery. It's crucial to seek medical attention and file a report to guard against long-term consequences.

In this article, Bronx car accident attorneys Glenn and Robin Herman explain the importance of filing a police report after a car accident for personal injury claims and lawsuits.

The 5 Essential Steps for Filing a Car Accident Police Report

  1. Unless someone at the scene needs immediate medical attention (in which case, an ambulance should be called first), call the police to the scene of an accident before calling your insurance company, a tow truck, or anyone else.

  2. It's important to remember that all drivers involved in the accident will be interviewed at the scene. Cooperate with the officers and provide a detailed account of the incident. Nothing is too minor to mention, so make sure to include everything you remember. If there are witnesses available, collect their contact information to obtain their perspective on the event. Keep a copy for your insurance company and provide the details to the police. Remember that all drivers involved in the accident will be interviewed at the scene. At the scene of an accident, be prepared to answer the officers' questions. Be sure to provide every detail you can recall, no matter how small. If there are witnesses willing to provide their perspective, collect their contact information. Keep a copy of this for insurance purposes, and give the information to the police.

  3. Collect cell phone details from witnesses at the scene, ensuring they can be contacted by you in the future.

  4. Use your cellphone to capture photos of the cars involved, including the license plates and damage. Also, take snaps of the scene and people involved.

  5. After an accident, get the police report. Once the officers file the report, request a copy for both your insurance provider and yourself. Keep this on record for future reference.

If your car is gently tapped while at a traffic light and you and your passengers are unharmed, it may be unnecessary to call police or first responders. Just gather insurance, registration, and license information, and take pictures of all vehicles involved.

Why is a Police Report Important for Car Accident Personal Injury Cases in New York?

It's crucial to file a police report at the scene of any car accident, no matter how small, for several reasons.

After an accident, police officers will document your statement, which can have a huge impact on whether your insurance claim down the road should your case go to trial.. In addition, evidence showing you were not at fault for the accident can prevent future rate hikes or high insurance premiums, even if you switch providers or make no claim for personal injuries. Following a car crash, adrenaline can mask muscular or skeletal injuries. Seek medical attention and file a police report to help demonstrate the accident's cause and resulting injuries. Even if you're responsible for a car accident, having a police report on file is crucial to defend yourself against any incorrect or overblown claims by the other driver or their insurance provider.

The police report will also contain important facts and details about the circumstances of the accident, which will help you and your attorney if you decide to pursue personal injury compensation. This includes:

  • The exact date, time, and location of the accident.

  • Property and vehicle damage caused by the accident.

  • Damage to vehicles and other property as a result of the accident.

  • Injuries suffered by drivers, passengers, pedestrians, or others.

  • Contact information and statements from witnesses.

  • Statements from all drivers involved in the accident.

  • External factors that may have contributed to the accident, such as weather, objects on the road, and road condition.

  • Any other notable details.

“Unfortunately, since COVID-19 came around, New York City police officers often do not show up to crash scenes if there are no injuries reported and when they do show up, the police might not make a police accident report if there is only minor property damage,” says personal injury attorney Glenn Herman, a New York City native who has extensive experience handling traffic accident lawsuits, “Therefore, if you felt some form of physical trauma to any part of your body, it might not be your neck and back, it might be your shoulders, knees, ankles or your head, it is very important to call 911 and make sure a report is made. It is also important to report to the police officer where you are feeling pain and/or discomfort.”

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