Thursday, December 7, 2023

Understanding the Critical Role of Police Reports in New York Car Accident Claims: Insights from Bronx Attorneys Glenn and Robin Herman

Even after minor car accidents, some individuals are of the opinion that filing a police report is unnecessary. However, many fender benders result in severe neck and back injuries that can cause pain and disability. Some of these injuries, such as "whiplash," start as a simple muscle strain but ultimately require prolonged medical treatment and even surgery. It's crucial to seek medical atte...

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A Roadmap to Safer Cycling: Expert Advice from Bronx Bicycle Injury Lawyer, Glenn A. Herman

Bronx Bicycle Injury Lawyer, Glenn A. Herman, brings his wealth of experience and legal acumen to the fore in this comprehensive guide on bicycle safety in New York. With a sharp increase in bicycle accidents post-COVID-19, this blog emphasizes the importance of safety and legal rights for bicyclists across the boroughs of New York. New York's bustling streets are an iconic part of its ident...

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