Wednesday, March 29, 2023

NYC E-Bike Personal Injury Lawyer Answers - What Should Your Compensation Include In A Personal Injury Case Involving An E-Bike?

In any personal injury case involving an e-bike, compensation should include medical expenses, future medical expenses, and the cost of rehabilitation. A good attorney should know how to obtain all the compensation you deserve in any personal injury case. In this article,  Glenn and Robin Herman, NYC-based e-bike personal injury lawyers specializing in bicycle and e-bike accident cases, bre...

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Bronx Personal Injury Attorney Glenn Herman Discusses Common Traffic Accident Injuries Involving Pedestrians

Bronx Personal Injury Attorney Glenn A. Herman explains- In 2020, more than 7000 pedestrians were killed by cars and other vehicles across the United States, according to the CDC, with an additional 104,000 non-fatal pedestrian emergency room visits. Many of the injuries sustained by those that are not killed can be quite serious, requiring extensive medical treatment and rehabilitation. In t...

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