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Tractor trailer fatally mows down man in Manhattan Says Glenn A. Herman Manhattan tractor-trailer lawyer

Glenn A. Herman Manhattan tractor-trailer lawyer Reports -

Glenn A. Herman Manhattan tractor-trailer lawyer Reports - While sitting at my desk earlier today, noting the blue sky, the sun shining bright on the New York Times Building, I noticed the flashing lights of police cars. Then more flashing lights. Then more police cars. Then the stopping of traffic. Then a tractor trailer not moving on 8th Avenue and 44th Street and a white police screen hiding something from the peering crowd. Yellow police tape being put up for several surrounding blocks. The Internet quickly let me know what I feared. The life of a man in his 40's was cut short while he was crossing 8th Avenue when he was hit by the oncoming truck. I could see for myself the truck was in the middle of the intersection but that was all I knew. According to the news reports, the truck was moving fast and the man was under the middle of the truck.



While I read about horrible events like this happening much too often, it's rare to see the aftermath from an overhead view.

More disturbing is that even before this tragedy happened, a 14 year old boy was struck in Queens at 7:45 am by a pick up truck and an hour later an 81 year old woman was struck by a NYC garbage truck. Both were injured and taken to area hospitals.

A hard day for pedestrians in New York. Our hearts go out to the family of the unidentified man who was killed and the others who were injured today.


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