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E-Scooter Crash injuries: Manhattan Electric Scooter Accident Lawyer - What Are the Most Common Injuries?

Glenn A. Herman educates New Yorkers surrounding Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island on the subject of how an injury accident lawyer can help when you are in an e-scooter crash.

“The popularity of electric scooters on the streets of New York City has exploded in recent years, as in many other cities across the United States, made accessible by companies such as Lime and Bird, who offer rent-by-the-mile systems that allow New Yorkers to get around the city with relative ease.” Says Glenn A. Herman, a new york city based electric scooter injury lawyer. Additionally, private ownership of e-scooters was legalized in the City in 2020.

In this web resource, Manhattan e-scooter injury attorney Robin Herman, who specializes in traffic-related injury cases, discusses the most common injuries resulting from New York accidents and crashes that result in lawsuits.

Who Can Get Injured In New York E-Scooter Accidents?

Although much of the news coverage surrounding e-scooter accidents highlights the impact of e-scooters, e-bikes and similar vehicles on pedestrians, other parties may also be injured in e-bike accidents. Commonly injured parties in e-bike accidents include:

  • Cyclists using traditional bikes.

  • E-bike riders.

  • Other e-scooter riders.

  • Pedestrians.

On rare occasions, depending on the circumstances of the accident, motorists may sustain injuries.

Most Common NYC E-Scooter Accident Injuries

Even though most e-bikes have a maximum speed falling somewhere between 15 and 30 miles per hour, which is significantly slower than the speed most cars travel even on the busiest Manhattan roads, they can still result in significant injuries for the person riding them as well as others nearby.

  • Road rash.

  • Abrasions and lacerations.

  • Limb fractures.

  • Bone breakages.

  • Joint dislocations.

  • Pelvic fractures.

  • Face injuries.

  • Head and neck injuries.

  • Permanent scarring.

  • Concussion.

  • Traumatic brain injuries.

  • Spinal cord injuries.

  • Fatalities.

What Should E-Scooter Personal Injury Compensation Include?

Your personal injury attorney should ensure that you are compensated for more than just the immediate medical costs associated with your injury. This should include:

  • Medical bills, including costs of prescriptions, doctors visits, ambulance rides, medical equipment, and surgeries.

  • Lost wages.

  • Loss of potential future earnings.

  • Rehabilitation costs to cover needs such as physical therapy.

  • Future medical costs the injuries may incur, such as follow-up or corrective surgeries, or ongoing prescriptions for pain medication.

  • Emotional distress as a result of the accident.

  • Pain and suffering costs.

  • In cases where a victim has died due to their injuries in an e-scooter injury case, their family or loved ones may be entitled to compensation for wrongful death.

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