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Compensation in a NYC E-Bike Accident - New York City Personal Injury Attorneys Glenn & Robin Herman Explain

What Compensation Can You Receive If You Sustain Personal Injuries in an E-Bike Accident in New York?

In a NYC e-bike accident personal injury case, your compensation should cover more than just your medical bills. In this article Glenn & Robin Herman, NYC based personal injury lawyers who specialize in bicycle and e-bike accident cases, break down the different areas that you should be compensated for.

What Should Your Compensation Include in a Personal Injury Case that Involves an E-bike?

Just as in any personal injury case, a good attorney should know how to obtain all the compensation you deserve.

  • Medical bills. You should be compensated for all of the medical costs that result from the accident. This should include emergency transportation to medical facilities (such as ambulance rides, if applicable), surgeries, medical equipment, follow-up visits to your doctor’s office, prescriptions, and other medical costs.

  • Future medical costs. By the time your lawsuit is filed, it is unlikely that you will have seen the full extent of healthcare costs caused by the accident. The settlement or verdict should account for all future medical costs caused by the accident.

  • Rehabilitation costs. Similarly, an e-bike accident may result in the need for rehabilitation, such as physical therapy. Physical therapy and other forms of rehabilitation can be extremely expensive, so it is essential that these costs, those already incurred and the cost of future care and treatment, are factored into your settlement or verdict.

  • Lost wages. An injury, particularly a severe one that leads to hospitalization, will more than likely lead to missed time at work. Most people only have limited amounts of paid time off, and many receive none at all. An e-bike injury can lead to weeks, months, or longer of lost wages. In addition to the compounded financial stress of medical bills, lost wages can place you in an extremely tough monetary situation. Thus, your financial recovery should include your lost past wages.

  • Loss of potential future earnings. The effects of your injuries may limit your future earning potential. Over the course of your lifetime, this can add up to hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars.

  • Pain and suffering costs. Pain and suffering compensation refers to a financial amount awarded to personal injury victims to account for the physical and emotional suffering they have undergone due to the accident. This can include ongoing aches and pains, permanent limitations on activity, potentially reduced life expectancy, scarring, or mental health issues.

  • Wrongful death compensation. E-bike accidents can result in extremely severe injuries due to the lack of protection e-bike riders have against the road and against larger vehicles. In some cases, accidents involving e-bikes may result in death. In these cases, the victim’s family may be entitled to wrongful death compensation.

“Serious, devastating and sometimes fatal injuries occur from bicycle crashes. It is very important to speak with an experienced lawyer as soon as possible after an injury occurs. If your e-bike crash involves a motor vehicle, the responsible insurance company must be notified immediately (and no more than 30 days after the crash), to make sure your hospital, medical and other related bills are paid. If your e-bike crash involved a roadway or street defect, or was caused by The City of New York or other municipal agency such as the MTA or the New York City Transit Authority, a Notice of Claim must be filed within 90 days of the injury. Failing to meet these, and other, time deadlines, could prevent your case from reaching the courthouse and you receiving the compensation you might be entitled to. Thus, do not wait to speak with an attorney after an e-bike accident or injury,” states Glenn A. Herman NYC E-bike personal injury lawyer.

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